Toddbrook Nursery

Meet The Team


Our Team

Charlotte Lomas - Manager

Superstars Room

Karen Garlick - Deputy Manger

Tracy Hopwood

Lesley Mcleod

Little Stars Room

Nikita Mellor

Julie Knight

Lisa Melland

Samantha Barratt

Phemie Gillott

Twinkle Stars Room

Lisa Wharmby - Assistant Manager

Jessica Hawkins

Relief Staff

Tracey Coleman

Elaine Hodgson

Linda Riordan - Cook

95% of our staff are level 3 qualified and have worked here for many years with vast amounts of experience. All staff carry out continuous professional development and have all attended a paediatric first aid course.

'The children never fail to put a smile on my face, knowing you're a big part of their life as it begins!'


'I love to watch children grow and learn everyday and i am glad to be apart of their learning journey!'


'It's something that I have always wanted to do!'


'When you work with children the rewards are simple yet magical. The beaming smile of recognition, the comforting snuggles, the journey from helpless reliant baby to confident happy toddler. Who could askfor a more rewarding job?'